United States Marine Corps
K.I.A. Operation Iraqi Freedom - April 28, 2006
Age 25




He Served...

He served because he loved this land,
From sea to shining sea.
He gave his life there in the sand
For freedom for you and me.

He served because he felt God's call
At the young age of ten.
He knew then it might cost his all
To keep free his fellow men.

He served for us - a difference to make.
He was so strong and brave
He gave his life for our sake,
Our freedom he wanted to save.

He served first God in whom there is no strife
To Him he went on bended knee,
Then to his country he gave his life,
For freedom isn't free.

He served not to stand out in the crowd,
But to answer the beckoning call.
We love you Brandon - we are so proud,
Of you sacrifice for us all.

                                             Jill Hardy

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