United States Marine Corps
  K.I.A. Operation Iraqi Freedom - February 7, 2007

            This poem was written
            by J.R. during the 911 events.
            One year later he enlisted.


Faithful American

I was born inside this country
That gives my dreams…a chance to be
I respect all that it stands for
The comforting embrace it gives …to you and me
I will never take for granted,
I will gladly die for…
A nation that means freedom
I could ask for nothing more
America isn’t perfect
She’s had her problems in the past
But her intentions are for the better
Her resolve will always last
Not everyone feels… the same exact way
Sometimes there are pessimists
With negative words to say
They don’t believe in America,
They’ve forgotten her history
That has gotten us this far,
Turning their back on faith
Disregarding who they are
We must believe in this nation
We must trust its destiny
She is guided under god
She will never be held captive, She will always be free

J.R. Tijerina

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