United States Navy
Korean and Vietnam War


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February 2007 correspondence to Frank.
It was great to see your wall of honor, that you have dedicated to all the members of the military service. I only wish that more Americans would show our service members the love and respect that you have done time and time again.
It is a great honor to be a friend among so many that you have honored on your website. The good Lord has blessed you with love and dedication, this shines thru every time I open your website and see the many names you have honored. I know that it is a terrible hardship for you to add another name to the list of those young men and women who have given their lives in the defense of our nation.
I SALUTE YOU, as I know everyone who sees the website does.
I am honored to call you my friend and as you, I grieve when I see another name added to the list of those brave young people who defend this great country of ours.
With my greatest respect and regards, I remain your lifetime friend.

Ron Haase