United States Marine Corps
K.I.A. Operation Iraqi Freedom - August 3, 2005
Age 23


Dear Mr. DeAngelis:

 Thank you so much for the Shadow Box you made for our son, Marine LCPL Edward A, Schroeder II.  Augie, as he was known more than anything else, was killed August 3, 2005 outside Haditha, Iraq.  He was the saw gunner in his fire squad and part of the 1st Squad, Third Platoon, Lima Company, 3/25 Marines killed in one explosion that day.  His short life as one of joy, as indicated by picture 045 attached.

 Since his death we have been adopted into the Marine Family, by Lima Company out of Columbus, Ohio, and the the 3/25 Headquarters in Brook Park, hear our home in Cleveland.  We have also been adopted by so many other Marines and, with this Shadow Box, we are touched by that same sense of family.

 We note that you live in New Jersey.  We lived in South Orange from 1988 to 2001 when we returned to our native Cleveland.  Augie went through his entire school years (k-12) in New Jersey.  Our daughter Amanda still there in Morristown.  We return to New Jersey frequently and consider it a second home. 

Augie was 23 when he died, but in that short time he learned to give to his community, wherever that was.  He was a life guard at the South Orange Pool, a camp counselor at the Glen Gray Scout Camp in Mahwah, and, at age 17, became a state licensed EMT, serving as a volunteer with the West Orange Rescue Squad.  His example of service has been a lesson to his parents to the point where is mother, Rosemary Palmer (she retained her own name but know that we have been married 34 years) is running for Congress.  She faces Dennis Kucinich in the Democratic Primary here on March 4.

 I note from your website that your wife, Elizabeth, recently passed away.  Your letter attached to the Shadow Box mentioned her and from it, we know how devoted both of you must have been.  We know the loss you carry and you have our deepest condolences.

 Again, we thank you for memorializing Augie with the Shadow Box.  It is by far the best indication of his service to our country and his devotion to duty that we have.

 God Bless you in this wonderful work, and may He give you peace and, as Augie would want, joy.

Paul E. Schroeder