Fallen Marines

In Memory of You

Were gathered today to pay tribute to you,
One of the finest, one of the few

You thought more of others, and not of yourself;
You placed all your wants up high on a shelf.

Theres always something bigger than you and me;
Its giving up everything for the land of the free.

We came to the Corps to answer the call,
And never once worried if wed stumble and fall.

 Because its not about self, the reason we fight;
Its about the Marine to our left and our right.

You gave it all for your fellow Marines,
Some whom you knew, and some never seen.

So were gathered today in memory of you,
One of the finest, and one of the few.

CWO-2 Maria P. Pettus  

Click here to read an open letter from Frank to the families of the Marines below.

Warrant Officer WI Charles G. Wells
Corporal Brandon Schuck Sergeant Michael J. Yarbrough
Lance Corporal Brian Hopper
Sergeant Alejandro Carrillo Captain Kelly C. Hinz
Corporal Erik T. Garoutte Corporal Carlos E. Gilorozco
Corporal Miguel A. Guzman Lance Corporal Blake H. Howey
1st Lieutenant Jared M. Landaker Lance Corporal Anthony C. Melia
Corporal Charles Palmer II 1st Lieutenant Joshua M. Palmer
Lance Corporal Rogelio A. Ramirez Sergeant Michael Toyaotao
Lance Corporal Christian Vasquez Corporal Travis M. Woods
Sergeant Glen E. Martinez 1st Lieutenant Matthew R. Vandegrift
Corporal Stephen R. Bixler Sergeant David Coullard
Corporal Kevin Dempsey Lance Corporal Philip A. Johnson
Captain Brian S. Letendre Lance Corporal Lawrence R. Philippon
Corporal Jordan C. Pierson Lance Corporal John T. Schmidt III
Lance Corporal Richard C. Clifton Lance Corporal Richard Z. James
Sergeant Brian D. McGinnis Corporal Cory L. Palmer
Lance Corporal Anthony P. Roberts Lance Corporal Russell White
Lance Corporal Daniel B. Chaires Gunnery Sergeant Michael Clark
Corporal Christopher L. Poole Corporal Julian M. Woodall
Lance Corporal William C. Chambers 1st. Sergeant Luke J. Mercardante
Corporal Richard O. Quill Corporal John C. Tanner
Lance Corporal Raymond J. Holznauer
Corporal Allen C. Roberts
Indiana Iowa
Lance Corporal James E. Swain Sergeant Jon E. Bonnell, Jr.
Kansas Kentucky
Lance Corporal Brian A. Escalante Lance Corporal Robert A. Lynch
Lance Corporal Norman W. Anderson III Lance Corporal David M. Branning
Corporal Dale A. Burger, JR. Sergeant Alessandro Carbonaro
Staff Sergeant Walter Cohee PFC Robert A. Guy
Lance Corporal Eric W. Herzberg Lance Corporal James Higgins
Sergeant Jason D. Mileo Corporal Jennifer M. Parcell
Lance Corporal Matthew Snyder Corporal Joshua D. Snyder
Lance Corporal Michael L. Starr, Jr. Lance Corporal Steven W. Szwydek
Staff Sergeant Kendall Watersbey Corporal Justin J. Watts
Staff Sergeant Dwayne E. Williams Corporal Nicholas L. Ziolkowski
Staff Sergeant William J. Callahan 1st Lieutenant Travis J. Fuller
Captain Jennifer J. Harris Corporal Paul N. King
Lance Corporal Walter K. O'Haire Corporal Scott J. Procopio
Lance Corporal Angel Rosa
PFC Tarryl B. Hill Corporal Mark D. Kidd
PFC Brett A. Willeveen
Lance Corporal Adam J. Vanalstine
Lance Corporal Casey L. Casanova Corporal Dustin J. Lee
Lance Corporal Matthew P. Pathenos Lance Corporal Drew W. Weaver
Nebraska Nevada
Sergeant Nicholas S. Nolte Lance Corporal Richard Perez, Jr.
New Jersey
Lance Corporal Patrick R. Adle Corporal Terrence P. Allen
Lance Corporal Donald S. Brown Lance Corporal Christopher B. Cosgrove III
Sergeant Matthew Fenton PFC Vincent Frassetto
Lance Corporal Jon T. Hicks Staff Sergeant Anthony Goodwin
Corporal Sean Kelly Corporal James A. Mazza
Corporal Marc T. Ryan Corporal Thomas E. Saba
Lance Corporal Michael A. Schwarz Sergeant Alan Sherman
Lieutenant Colonel John C. Spahr Lance Corporal Vincent M. Sullivan
Lance Corporal Harry R. Swain IV Corporal John Todd III
2nd Lieutenant John T. Wroblewski
New Mexico
Lance Corporal Emilian D. Sanchez
New York
Sergeant Julian M. Arechaga Corporal Henry W. Bogrette
Lance Corporal Michael Glover Lance Corporal Jordan C. Haerter
Lance Corporal Howard March Jr. Sergeant Shawn P. Martin
Captain John McKenna IV Corporal Julian Ramon
Corporal Christopher G. Scherer Lance Corporal Nicholas Whyte
North Carolina
Sergeant Nickolas L. Hopper G Sergeant Herman J. Murkerson, Jr.
Lance Corporal Timothy M. Bell Jr. Lance Corporal Eric J. Bernholtz
Lance Corporal Nicholas W. Bloem Lance Corporal Michael J. Cifuentes
Lance Corporal Wesley G. Davids Corporal Dustin A. Derga
P.F.C. Christopher R. Dixon Corporal Derek C. Dixon
P.F.C. Christopher J. Dyer Sergeant Major Joseph Ellis
Lance Corporal Nicholas B. Erdy Lance Corporal Grant B. Fraser
Lance Corporal Jourdan L. Grez Lance Corporal Jonathan W. Grant
Sergeant Justin F. Hoffman Staff Sergeant Kendall H. Ivy III
Lance Corporal Christopher P. Lyons Sergeant Michael M. Kashkoush
Lance Corporal James F. Kimple Sergeant David Kreuter
Lance Corporal Daniel T. Krebs Lance Corporal Aaron H. Reed
Lance Corporal Edward A. Schroeder Lance Corporal William B. Wightman
Corporal Andre L. Williams Sergeant David M. Wimberg
Corporal Bryan J. Scripsick
Captain Christopher T. Pate Lance Corporal Juan M. Garcia Schill
Lance Corporal Steven A. Stacy
G. Sergeant Ronald E. Baum Lance Corporal Aric J. Barr
Lance Corporal Jacob W. Beisel Corporal Michael Ryan Cohen
Lance Corporal Curtis A. Christensen Lance Corporal Adam Conboy
P.F.C. Shelby J. Feniello Sergeant James Fordyce
Sergeant Joshua Frazier P.F.C. Steven Freund
P.F.C. Jason L. Frye Corporal Albert Gettings
Staff Sergeant Joseph P. Goodrich Corporal Kyle J. Grimes
Corporal Brandon Hardy  Corporal Barton Humlhans
Lance Corporal Patrick B. Kenny P.F.C. Joshua Klinger
Lance Corporal Ryan J. Kovacicek 1st Lieutenant Travis L. Manion
Sergeant Michael Marzano Lance Corporal Robert T. Mininger
Lance Corporal Nicholas B. Morrison Sergeant Jonathan McColley
Staff Sergeant Eric A. McIntosh Corporal Kyle Renehan
Captain Todd M. Siebert Lance Corporal Brandon J. Van Parys
Lance Corporal Dennis Vester Sergeant Lonny D. Wells
Captain Bryan Willard
Rhode Island
Lance Corporal Holly A. Charette Lance Corporal Jeffrey C. Burgess
Lance Corporal Michael Ford Corporal Brian St. Germain
Corporal Brian Oliveira Corporal Matthew K. Serio
Lance Corporal Nicholas D. Schiavoni Lance Corporal John J. Vangyzen IV
South Carolina
Lieutenant Colonel Michael A. Robinson
G. Sergeant Terry J. Elliot
Corporal Jeremy D. Allbaugh Sergeant Merlin German
Sergeant Gary S. Johnston Master Sergeant Kenneth N. Mack
Corporal James H. McRae Lance Corporal Matthew S. Medlicott
Corporal Jacob H. Neal Sergeant Byron W. Norwood
Lance Corporal Mathew D. Puckett S. Sergeant John C. Stock
Sergeant James R. Tijerina Lance Corporal Luke C. Yepsen
Corporal Mark A. Evnin
Lance Corporal Thomas A. Blair Lance Corporal Colin J. Wolfe
Corporal Nicholas P. Rapavi Lance Corporal Jeremy L. Tinney
Corporal Jonathan T. Yale
Washington D.C.
Lieutenant Colonel Kevin M. Shea Lance Corporal Shawn V. Starkovich
Lance Corporal Jeremy W. Burris Lance Corporal Dustin L. Canham
Lance Corporal Adam Q. Emul Corporal Darrel J. Morris
Lance Corporal Daniel T. Morris Sergeant Travis D. Pfister
Lance Corporal Andrew G. Matus Corporal Richard J. Nelson
Lance Corporal Dean D. Opicka Lance Corporal Harry H. Timberman
Corporal Matthew R. Zindars

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