Colonel Wesley Lee Fox USMC

  Korean & Vietnam Wars
  United States Marine Corps
  Vietnam War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient
  February 22, 1969 

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Wes Fox tells his story of his active-duty years in the Corps in his memoir, "Marine Rifleman: Forty-three Years in the Corps", published by Brassey's Inc, now Potomac Books.  His time covered both the Korean and Vietnam Wars where he was at the cutting edge with Marine units, a rifle squad in Korea and a rifle company commander in Vietnam.  While he left the farm only for service in the Korean War and knew he would return to the farm, he fell in love with the Marines, doing Marine things, and doing them the Marine way, he could not take off the uniform until he hit mandatory retirement age.  His book chapters are listed by rank, private to colonel, thirteen of them.  And helpful to today's military personnel, he lists his "Lessons Learned" in that rank at the end of the respective chapter.  He doesn't waste the reader's time on incidental, "the soft white clouds above, the sweat rolling down my face, or thoughts on this or that", but goes right to the action, the Marine way.  His book is used by the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets as their Leadership Text.

Fox buys books from the publisher for those wanting an autographed copy.  Soft covers are in print but he only stocks the hardback, 395 pages.  Cost including package and postage is $26.00 per book.  To order a book send a check, the receiver's address, and what you desire written in the book to him at 855 Deercroft Drive, Blacksburg, VA 24060.

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